A yearly event, G.R.I.P.S. extends an opportunity to the public to join us in a ghost adventure focusing on the famous and infamous of Dubuque.

Inventors. Murderers. Statesmen. War Heros. Criminals. Law men. And even a Princess. These are just a few of the exciting people we visit at our yearly Linwood Cemetery Walk.

Dubuque has a rich and sometimes sordid history. In 2019 I was lucky to be part of the G.R.I.P.S. team along with my daughter that lead the Linwood Cemetery Walks. The first night I was more than nervous. While we had the stops planned out, and an excellent story teller, this event that is open to the public is never the same twice. You can never count on who may be talkative, where EMF readings may occur, or what questions those on the walk with us will have.

As people started to arrive we greeted them and made sure they were aware of the rules. We reminded everyone that we are guests here, and we want to leave the cemetery in the same condition or better than when we arrived. Once all guests had been checked in, Mary closed the gate and we where ready for the lockdown. After a brief introduction, K2 (EMF) meters, temperature gauges, and even a Spirit box was handed out randomly to a few attendees. Each person with an item was given a brief overview of how to use it and we began our walk through the cemetery.

It wasn't long after our first stop that I got my first question. A family with 2 boys that I had given my Spirit Box to use yelped in excitement and asked "Did you hear that?" We stopped for a moment and listened again. "It said Hi." the one boy mentioned. Letting the rest of the group go forward, we decided to listen a little longer and ask it questions. When we asked "What is your name?", a response came back plain as day "Thomas". Not wanting to get too far behind the group, we caught up while still listening to the Spirit Box. A few stops later, while learning about the Luck Family, two people with K2 meters motioned us over. Standing a couple of stones away from the Luck family, the lights on their meters started moving, from Green to Red. As they walked away from this particular stone the meters dropped, and when we went back to the stone the lights again moved to red. It was then that we shined the light on the stone to see the name...Thomas... After seeing the name, the K2 meters went back to green (normal) and we didn't have any other messages from Thomas the rest of the night.

Now it was time to go visit the grave of Dr. Finley and his family. This is a great area to get some Ghostly Readings. Now I don't want to share all the details, but if you are a young lady, and one who is in nursing especially, Dr. Finley will not disappoint!

Come join us in October and See for yourself!