Great River Investigative
Paranormal society


Dubuque, Iowa

The Great River Investigative Paranormal Society was formed to investigate and report on the paranormal to the best of our ability. Using various types of equipment we will try to sanction reported sightings or experiences. Our greatest goal is to dispel any fear or apprehension for a client whenever possible. To prove the belief that energy in many forms can stay active after death. That the essence of one's self is very powerful and can be not only felt but recorded and proven.

Have you ever.................

...felt as if you were being watched when alone?

...smelled the scent of fresh flowers in the dead of winter, or perhaps the familiar perfume of a loved one passed?

...watched a pet stare or growl at something that is not there?

...heard sounds or voices in a vacant room with no radio or television to justify the noise?

...heard your name being called while alone?

...seen shadows move across an area where there is no cause for them to be? ...had a picture or an object move or fall with no possible means to do so?

...heard of rumors or stories about your property’s past from others, such as unhappy events or deaths?

...seen a solid or transparent form of a person or animal?

If you answered YES or even a Maybe to any of the above questions, you may have experienced the Paranormal.